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Why Signatures Are Disapearing

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Why does mine keep disapearing?

Probably because it breaks the rules:



1. They should be no more than 5 lines of text using a regular font. That means that you can fit more/less into that space depending on font size. If you can't fit all of your system specs in that you'd like, why not create a small graphic to contain the information?


2. No animations of any kind. (In respect of dial up users)

3. No high-definition graphics of any kind. (Ditto)

4. No referral or affiliate program graphics. It's fine to have a small text link in your signature, but graphics are not. (Bandwidth)

5. Nothing offensive, pornographic, or vulgar.



1. Avatars should be in "good taste," a qualification that is broad enough to let us determine what is and isn't. Goth-devil-child-wild-eyed-in-the-violent-blackness probably qualifies as being in bad taste. smile.gif

2. Nothing offensive, pornographic, or vulgar.

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