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50/50 , Need Help

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Ello All !!


Im Trying to decide if i should buy an Imac G5 20" , 2.0 ... or keep the pc i have right now which is udpated compared to the spec below ,


i can run OS X no issues on it but i need money to go to have my breast implant corrected so its either sell pc , buy imac g5 20" , or have boob fixed lol ....


Spec of my pc is...



Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 - 2.0GHZ


2048 - (2GB) Ram


Windows Vista Home Premium ,


Radeon X1950 Pro 512MB - CAN Be replaced with an X1600 AGP for total support


DVD+-RW Drive


250GB Samsung IDE Hard Drive


Happauge DVT-B TV Tuner With Remote ( Media Center Compatible )


Microsoft VX-1000 Webcam




Love you all x

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well i would personally fix my breast but since i am a guy i dont know if i get the whole idea. you probably could have bought an imac g5 with the money you first spent on the implants. but yea, fix your body first.

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