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iPhone: Launch Date Revealed


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Finally after months of waiting patiently Apple has revealed the iPhone will be launched on 29th June in the US.


Apple released the date through a new series of iPhone ads on the Apple Website which ended with "Coming June 29". The new ads named Never Been an iPod, How To, Calamari all show how useful and easy to use the iPhones features are, but to me they did seem a little repetitive.


The iPhone takes the basic intuitive interface of the sucessful Apple iPod and is hoping by merging this along with packed features such as mp3 player, video player, web browsing, and email will help the iPhone initially take a 1% market share by selling 10m iPhones by 2008. But a hefty price tag of $499 for the 4GB and $599 for the 8GB models is sure to deter some. Also knowing Apple, these prices are unlikely to be translated kindly to other currency's (such as the £)


While many Apple fans will be jumping for joy to finally hear a release date, a sense of sadness still grips the reminder of the planet (all exc US) who still have no release date as of yet.

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