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hi there guys... though this is my first post here, ive been buzzing around this place for quite sum time now... and after quite sum effort (a lot of effort), ive been finally forced to write here for help as the search gives me nuthin and i think m still far from the mac dock...


first off my system specs r attached below


ive downloaded and tried to install 10.4.6 jas image,

it installed nicely, but i forgot to select the patches... so it gave me a red c

rcle with a line... got stuck there after the install

then i read here, that i needed to chek the patches applicable to me... as i hav a celeron d processor, i selected all the intel patches... the install went smooth, but it wont reboot... the gear kept rotating and nuthin happened... so i rebooted it manually and i came to the appl

 bootscreen... now again the gear kept rotating

and dint stop...

dissapointed, i left it there... installed ubuntu back and have been running ubuntu since then... now after a while, the urge to give it another try started to rise again... but i dont wanna waste time downloading another 4gi

 iso... so, my questions are:


1. according to my system specs... wat version is best for me compatibility-vise?

2. wat r the steps i need to take b4, during and after installing it?

3. since i wanna assemble a new pc after a while... gimme sum specs to follow which wud run osx86 fine (AMD preferred)...


if there r any probs, ill post here...


thanx for readin thru this... i wud appreciate relevent replies ('fast' relevent replies).... thanx


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So sad you still haven't managed to use osx86.

I guess I know why you don't find your answers, that's because you are using the integrated search function of the forum: it doesn't work !

Use google, and their insite function. Works like a charm.



About your next rig: there isn't a lot of people advising AMD since the C2D are osx86 friendly.

My advise would be to wait for the next AMD quad :-) or buy a cheap 100$ C2D with a high-end mobo, like the P5B dlx (for performance) or a P5W-DH (rock solid), or even better, an Intel Bad Axe II (closest thing from a Mac Pro mobo, fully compatible out of the box, except sound).


Anyway, you should wait for a P35 or X38 support in osx86, or the AMD quad to be released.

By this time, we will be close to Leopard release: JaS 10.5 DVD.iso :tomato: ?

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thanx dude... bu i hav tried google, the wiki, the insite function etc etc... ive searched everywhere... this was obviously my last resort.... but now i think ill consider buyin a c2d e6300 or sumthin... although m not an intel fan... or maybe ill try sum virtualization {censored}.... but for the last time....


is there ANY way i can use my current hardware to run osx86 in any GODAMN way??? dont gimme things like processor emulators lke pearpc etc... just gimme a way thats fast enuf to let the dock zoom out smoothly when i mouse over... u get me?

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You need to supply better info for us to help at all. (That file was limited and mostly Windows OS stuff.)

Things like the exact motherboard and especially the chipsets onboard and post the output of cat /proc/cpuinfo from Ubuntu.


P.S. I have OS X running perfectly on a Amd64 and a Dual Core Opteron. (Picked up extremely cheap)

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hey can u gimme the complete specs of ur amd athlon64 system here?? i wanna buy an amd athlon64 5200+ round a month from now... so help me decide better wat config i shud buy... and tell me how did u make it work? like which image u tried and wat all u did... or point me to a thread or sumthin...


and thanx for the replies... never expected help on such a busy site... i cant expect my current hardware to perform with osx, especially with just 378megs of ram and an onboard gfx chipset...

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