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Help req'd: No video output while booting for 25 secs


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Hi there,


though I'm using Titan for quite a long time now without any problems, I thought I'd give Natit a try. Using DiaboliKs installer, I found out that it (at least) offers me rotation support which Titan doesn't. It seems to work fine, too.


However, there's an issue: There's no video output at all for 25 seconds while booting up the system. I do see the grey screen with the spinning circle as usual and in the very moment when it's supposed to switch to the blue screen, my monitor reports "no signal" and gets to sleep. Exactly 25 seconds later, it awakes and the boot process continues.


Any hints on this?


This is what the system profiler says about my graphics (however with Titan installed):


 Chipsatz-Modell:	NVIDIA NV43
 Typ:	Monitor
 Bus:	PCIe
 VRAM (gesamt):	128 MB
 Hersteller:	NVIDIA (0x10de)
 Geräte-ID:	0x0147
 Versions-ID:	0x00a2
 Auflösung:	1280 x 1024 @ 75 Hz
 Farbtiefe:	32-Bit Farbe
 Core Image:	Unterstützt
 Hauptmonitor:	Ja
 Synchronisierung:	Aus
 Eingeschaltet:	Ja
 Quartz Extreme:	Unterstützt
 Status:	Kein Monitor angeschlossen

Thanks in advance!

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