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OSx86 in Vmware

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  • 4 weeks later...

I just installed 10.4.8 on vmware server 1.0.1 and found the same problem you have.

Did you found some way to make it less slow?


My hardware:


Dell Inspiron 6400

Centrino Duo 1.6

2 Gb RAM


The VM is configured with 512Mb of RAM.

I try with 1 and 2 processors but is almost identical bad performance.



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Yes, this is a common problem.

Maxxuss had an explanation about this, but I don't remember the technicalities.


I you check the host's performances in task manager, you'll see the cpu always near 80% or 90% or above.


I think the last version which worked fine and fast was 10.4.3 or .4.

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