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Theo Stanton

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I'd like to say thank you to everyone at OSX86, I'm really looking forward to getting it going on my pc.


I have a Shuttle st20g5 and have looked through topics that have talked about problems with this Shuttle, but none relate to mine. Unfortunately.


The installation goes okay. On a 60 Gig IDE that I originally set up dual booting with Vista and then once this problem occured it's been the only OS I've been trying to install.

After installation, on first boot, loading will hang after a couple minutes of grey screen with apple.

Reading code when loading it hangs on 'Login Started' or something similar, yet it doesn't report an error. Just freezes.


Other specs are AMD X2 3800+

IDE 60gig

Sata 180gig

Integrated graphics of Radeon 200.


Any help would be great.

I'd really like to get OS X going and will persist untill then !


Thank you.

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