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Anyone have 5.1 working?

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See sig for specs. In system info, it says that I have "no built in audio". However I do have sound in everything, running through my onboard sound:


Audio Chipset Realtek ALC850

Audio Channels 8 Channels


Why does the system info show "no built in audio"?

Why does my sound properities in system preferences say that "LINE OUT" is using AC97 audio (PCM)?


Then, in audio/midi setup, all my output settings and properties selectable are for AC97 audio (PCM) and that is the only option. Maybe that's normal, but in any case, the "configure speakers" button is grayed out, and the bottom right where it says "audio output" is greyed out with no options.


Is this normal? I have not installed any drivers, just what came with my 10.4.9 tubgirl release, and again my onboard sound from the A8N-SLI Premium. I hear sound in everything, but it doesn't seem like things are configured properly...


And so what I am really getting at is, I both want (and need for Final Cut) 5.1 sound support. Are there drivers I need to install? What can I do to configure my audio properly and get 5.1 working?


If it matters, I also have a Creative Audigy 2 ZS that is installed, but I have no drivers for it. Maybe I could hook up sound through there as well, but as of now that is not recognized or supported in os 10.4.9... drivers? (BTW my onboard audio also is 8 channel, so it supports surround)...






Let me also add, if there is an add-in PCI soundcard I can buy and configure to get 5.1 working in OS X, what is it? I will buy it if needed... I just need 5.1 in Mac!!!

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I want to make sure to add, if getting my sound working in 5.1 isn't possible, I want to know:


* What can I BUY to get 5.1 support? Is there any sound card, internal or external, that I can install that works in x86 and will give me 5.1 support?? *


Please help.

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I have Final Cut Studio 2.0 and I need to master surround sound in 5.1 for video projects...


Anyway I can do this? I'll buy a soundcard if I need to. As long as it works. I've gotta get it working...

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You'll have to go external mate. There are a few different audio interfaces you could use. They won't be cheap though, but if your doing movie mastering you'll probally need the higher quality level of ad/da conversion.


Look on the wiki, and the audio section of the forum.


Maybe something like a MOTU 828MkII but yor looking at over $500 but it does work.

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WOW, $500 for a soundcard?


Does the external Creative labs 24-bit one not work?


Also I saw the Griffin Firewave, which is made for MAC, http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/firewave/


... but that doesn't look like it would add the 5.1 hardware-level support I need?? Or would it?


But wow, $500 to get 5.1 working?

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