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Better performance and compatibilty in 10.4.9

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Hello all I have been using Jas's 10.4.8 install DVD with my ATI1600 AGP card very well. However with the release of 10.4.9 I cannot get my video card to work properly. Normally this is no big deal however I would like to install the new Final Cut studio and the requirements are 10.4.9. Gggggrrrrr.


So I been looking at the Geforce 7600GT video card. The specs are slightly better than the 1600, which I was satisfied with the performace of. But my real question is how difficult will the Geforce card be to get to work in 10.4.9.



Any assistance would be much appreciated.



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hi scotty!


if you look at my sig, you'll notice i'm using 7600gt (agp)

i didn't have any problems with it on both JaS and Tubgirl installs


erm, actually in 10.4.8 i did not have the dashboard ripple effect working (when adding new widgets), but 10.4.9 solved that


currently i'm using tubgirl's install because some things work better for my AMD machine (iCal not crashing, "about this mac" not crashing, FCS starts right away - no messing with ProKit.framework...)


BUT, on this forum several people didn't have my luck with 7600gt. they got stuck with no qe/ci.

why is this, i don't know. probabaly not all 7600gt's share the identical architecture (mine is gainward golden sample - it has one dvi and one vga port)


hope this helped a bit.



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