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The Slurpr - The mother of all wardrive boxes

The Slurpr  

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“At this moment I can see 8 different signals. Some are closed networks but most are open and available. I can only connect to one at a time so I tend to just pick the one with the best signal. But what if I could connect to all the networks at the same time and combine their bandwidth?


Yeah, that is what I need!


Well it's a big, fat access point with a large antenna and a bunch of Wi-Fi cards that automatically connect to the strongest signals it can pick up.


The creators plan on giving it an ability to crack lightly encrypted networks (WEP 64/128 bit), so that means a lot of legal issues.


I know I would buy it even if it's just for the bundling of the bandwidth. Anyways read the article here & post your views.

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