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HDD or RAM Slow

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hey guys!


i have some problems with programs who need much storage or ram. when i start some programs my osx works very slow! sometimes i have to wait to maximize the webbrowser or finder! when i start photoshop and draw some lines on a new layer it takes 2-3 sek till i can see the lines.


i think osx works very fine but this is not so good when i want to work only with macosx x86.


i think its the HD drive or the ram! i dont know! maybe you know my problem and can help me to fixx it.

i hope so that you can help me very well!


my hardware you can see in the signature!


i have the SiS 756 chipset (SiS 965L south bridge).


have i to do something with my drivers or maybe i have to change the bios settings? i really dont know what can i do now!




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