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weird network problem

lord xeon

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ok, this is a recent problem, but...

everytime i restart my computer, i first need to restart it twice, because the first time it just gives me a black screen, forever, then it will show me my desktop fine.

everything loads, but adium doesnt connect to aim, msn, or gtalk, i have to manually connect to each one and msn never works.


starting up ff, or safari gives me "the page cannot be displayed" or "you are not connected to the internet"


but i can talk to people on aim/gtalk fine.


starting up parallels with win xp pro, i can do anything on the internet fine...


sometimes it magically fixes itself, othertimes i can't do anything on the internet unless its in paralels.


no idea why this is.


the only thing that begins to make sense is that i installed peer guardian, but instantly uninstalled, and zapped it after i realized that the mac version sucks.


any ideas would be lovely...alot

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