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GMA950 screen issue on Sony Vaio UX380N


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Hi all Gurus,


I have installed JAS Mac OSX 10.4.8 SSE2/SSE3 with PPF1 PPF2. My computer is the Sony Vaio UX380N (actually is UX27GN which is Australia's model number). It has GMA950 video but I am getting problems to get the display working properly.


I have installed the base OS, plus all supporting drivers (but not NVIDIA or ATI files). The first time it boots after an installation it's all fine, with the driver detecting 1024x600 which is the natural resolution of the small screen. However, if I shutdown and turn it on a second time after installation, it'll freak out after the apple logo screen, it'll go blue (just before it normally comes up with the desktop, for a split second, and then turn into


It looks like it's running at the wrong refresh rate (for an LCD??!) if I move the mouse it'll have some shadow move so it's just not displaying correctly, the OS itself have booted up properly. If I connect it to an external monitor, it will also be able to mirror to that monitor, just not showing it properly on the built in LCD screen.


I could install with no support drivers, and then it'll use the generic video driver and come up with a less than stellar 800x600 with no QE/CI support.


Any ideas how I could get GMA950 driver with QE/CI working?


What beats me is how come it would boot up the first time after install (I've installed a few times, and it works for the first boot every time, and not after a reboot)?


Please help please!!!! Thank you!!!


PS. Sorry! I didn't realise the link needs registering! I've hosted it on imageshack now. Hope that works! Thanks again! :)

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Thanks for reminding about the broken link :)


Actually I did install all of the supported files (which includes GMA900 and GMA950) but I didn't install the ATI and NVIDIA files.


I tried installing only GMA950 but that also freaked out. The only way it would work nicely is when I don't install any of the video patches, but that'll restrict me into running only 800x600 and no QE/CI support.


So I would want to find out what's wrong with the GMA950 drivers causing it to fail on the second boot onwards.


Thanks again.

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