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Laptop Battery Life 1.1 HRS only?

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Hey Guys,


I just installed and have a full working 10.4.9 OS on my Acer 3680. I have installed the power bundle and followed all the steps given in the WIKI for this model.


The WIKI stated that this laptop with power savings can hit 3 hours of life but my battery (which takes 2.5 hrs to charge) is only giving me 1.11 hours on a full charge.


The computer is brand new and I am wondering if I have a bad battery or a screwed up setting in power savings. My only concern is that with the new kernel my laptop won't come back from sleep.


Any opinions or knowledge would be super helpful!!!!!!


TIA :)


Update: I installed XP and Vista last night and found that they as well still only had a 1.1 hr charge on the battery and shut off at that time. Good news is the power management works for my laptop, bad news is why the hell my battery is so low?

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