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  1. I came across this article and although I really don't know if this can help this scene, I was wondering if it would hurt anything as well. It says they improved Mini-Display and HD performance. I personally don't really think anyone has need for the MINI-D but my laptop does have a HDMI out. As for the HD improvments.... every little bit helps. Actual Link to the File Apple Website
  2. magic0200

    Cider: Bik Video bypass (black screen sound no video)

    Actually a ton from what i've read around the net, but to be quite honest I can't remember for sure which ones ( i was reading to fix my problem). I dont' know if it was CIV or Obilvion but both had bik video and one guy on another forum talked about how it's the videos that give a problem too. (can't remember which one so dont' quote me) he switched lets just say OBLIV BIK vids with CIV vids and they played fine. If he tried vice versa the game(S) wouldn't load. So something else to look into.
  3. magic0200

    Cider: Bik Video bypass (black screen sound no video)

    Thanks for the reply again I guess what I was trying to explain is can you actually edit the EXE of the game to.... 1. Remove the Bik Video command that launches the video so therefore it goes straight into menu screen launch? 2. Can you change the button to exit the video ie ESC to say Spacebar so that it doesn't close out cider?
  4. magic0200

    Cider: Bik Video bypass (black screen sound no video)

    Not necessarily Dev... This is WAY past my understanding but what about scene groups that released pc games with No-Intro? I remember a few times that games I bought that had our video problem actually were released with vids removed (to save space). Is there anyway of modifying the exe or game itself to remove the video from playing at all before it gets to cider? This would inherintly make the games look like any other game that has no intro video. Just a thought http://www.radgametools.com/binkh2ex.htm <---- check
  5. magic0200

    Cider: Bik Video bypass (black screen sound no video)

    Dev, Excellent reply! As I don't have take failure easy I started running the Cider bin on it's own and came up with some very interesting information (well at least for me)..... First I noticed that 2097 was missing Cshell.dll and bik32.dll(bik dll) which it then calls upon through /c/windows/system and then pushes them into another format in /contents/resources to the extent of cshell=libcshell.dilyb (or close enough). I went ahead and loaded the files but it gave me an error when trying to retrieve them in the system folder. However, that's not what caught my attention......... I actually saw cider call globalops.exe along side these two files which is normal, but what wasn't normal is that it was calling for it in /c/windows/sytem??????? This to me matches with what you said that the EXE and the bik call inside of it is causing the crash and that's due to the fact that the video plays first (in the vids native res) and then calls up the game. For my skill level I'm a little stuck but if anyone wants me to post my error txt let me know and I'll gladly do it.
  6. magic0200

    Cider: Bik Video bypass (black screen sound no video)

    To be honest, it's global operations lol (yea I know it wasn't the best game but i found it lying around and wanted to give it a try). The structure of the game is what is throwing me off. It has bikplayer.exe and video.bik in the main folder (no bik video folder) and I'm thinking maybe there's a command file that I can alter to remove the video but can't find it yet. The video is ran through it's own exe and then when you hit esc it drops to windows and then switches resolutions and brings up the game full screen. I have a feeling that this problem will be the biggest hurdle (the dropping from intro vid to actual menu screen). I was planning on taking older games and porting due to their smaller file sizes, performance (speed and full rendered graphics), and cider's chance to 100% emulate a dx 9 or 8 game would be 10x more probable than current titles.
  7. magic0200

    Cider: Bik Video bypass (black screen sound no video)

    Here's the problem: I read cider does accept bik video but I'm using 2097 and it doesn't have bink32.dll in the file structure which makes me wonder (also need to see where that dll is placed when I grab it). The ONLY way to skip the vid is esc but that kills Cider. Trying to rename or delete just crashes cider. I was thinking about trying to track down a blank bik file (used on old Xbox games) or a really small bik video and replace it. However the video is in loop control until you hit esc (which from what i can tell at that point the resolution changes). The file structure is weird on this game. It has Video.BIK and Bikplayer.exe, when I removed or renamed these on osx it crashes cider but on my pc running vista it loads past the video just fine.
  8. I'm working on a classic game (2000 release haha) and got COH 2097 build to load it but it gives a black screen with perfect sound due to the BIK Intro video. I was wondering how I can remove that and if any other steps are requied to get to the main screen? I have tried deleting the bik video and renaming but that just stops cider from opening at all (crashes). * The bik video can be skipped by hitting ESC but that just closes Cider. *Also noted there are about 3-4 logo screens after the video (EA, Developer, Publisher) that you simply have to hit a key to get past. Hope this helps
  9. magic0200

    Porting team

    First off I think this is a GREAT idea! I just started reading up on this and have to say it's well worth the try. I would like to join (and will pm you when I feel like I can really contribute), but I had a couple ideas that I thought might help.... It seems everyone here is really interested in joining and you have a strong set of people who want to help but are at different levels. Therefore, how about this... If people have no experience point them to a great tutorial and a game already ported that they can do themselves to see how it works. I always find that even if these people lack a lot of knowledge, it would be great for them to work on quick ports and it would help streamline some of the smaller tasks and debugg. This leads me to DX9 games and older cider wraps that work well. For people that have decent knowledge, put them on those older games which will require less debugg and possibly quicker turn arounds. Then people who really know their stuff have them work on the higher level stuff (current games). I for one see a HUGE potential in older games before the newer stuff due to the options im starting to see in newer builds of Cider. I personally just started looking through 2097 Wrap (US) from COH. I'm overall impressed with the new additions but feel its a little strong for older games and new recruits. Do you guys plan on working with that as well? Anyways, I plan on reading some tutorials first and go from there. Good luck for now
  10. magic0200

    remove DSDT?

    Ive noticed slower performance since I installed dsdt and want to remove it. I can't find dsdt.aml and im wondering how to get rid of it. thanx guys
  11. magic0200

    10.5.6 Released...? odd.

    10.5.5 Through Kaly. Installed DSDT and New Bootloader with the fool proof GUI released. Updated using software update.. restarted Had one restart loop and up and running. Sound was the only thing as mentioned before that I lost in the update. Video, lan, wifi usb all still running perfectly. No complaints yet! Question.... if you ever have a serious crash and have to reformat.. what's the best method.. 1. install fresh OSX 10.5.x kaly 2. install new boot and dst 3. time machine back up to backup copy ????
  12. I have a Built in USB webcam (gateway 2.0) that is found by OSX but doesn't work (blue light turns on but no picture). What's weird is that.. Camtwist - working Maccam - not working Ichat / osx - not working ooVoo - working and looks GREAT. What Im wondering is if we can look into these other applications and figure out how their driver is working and apply it to OSX drivers through kext edit? Also if their mics can also be activated as well. I have read up on the forums but haven't seen any real progress except to just "turn on camtwist". I know this isn't a huge deal but it seems like a feasible project. If it's just me than plz ignore this post
  13. magic0200

    WTB : SigmaTel 92HD71B Dual SPDF

    Hey Guys, I have had my laptop for about 5 - 6 months now (gateway p171fx) and I have eveything working except wireless (intel chipset in progress) and sound. Taruga was originally working on this problem but he was called to work on EFIX. I've tried to contact him but to no avail and I'm stuck with an amazing OSX system but no sound. The problem.... this chipset works a little strange and has a pass through I believe from North to South bridge or vice versa. therefore the Dump shows 2 audio sources. I am looking for a Driver that can do two things... 1. Audio will play out of internal speakers on this laptop. 2. Audio will mute internal speakers and play when headpphones are installed. Hardy Heron v6 on linux has a working driver if that helps and here's the link to that. If you are SERIOUS about taking on this problem we can discuss price http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=676550
  14. I was hoping someone could help me out.. kaly 10.5.1 updated to 10.5.3 with native bluetooth recognized on my laptop. I was installing my new Wlan usb and hit the minus button on the bluetooth and removed it accidently. It doesn't show up in the network or the about the mac now. Is there a way to reactivate it? Thanks....
  15. magic0200

    Kalyway Hackintosh 10.5.3 Combo Update

    Using NVinject .41 to get back QE Found this in another thread.... Up and running with old kexts and 10.5.3 WOOT! only issue I've found is screensaver won't turn on (even at 3 minutes) but energy saver does. Test option in screensaver menu works