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Sell a prehacked ATV?

Blue Dingo

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I just heard about this hack on Engadget and saw videos of it on google video.


Now, i love macs, but i don’t have the money to upgrade to a new one. I have a Powermac G4 at the moment with 400mhz, and its driving me crazy!!mad.gif


After seeing this, im curious to try it. I eggear to now buy a ATV and try it for myself, but i do not wish to open it and void the warranty. So i like to try the externall HD trick.


But, since im not that confident with myself, would anyone be able to pre-hack it with the usb method, then sell it to me? since i live in Austrlia, it should work here, cuass its got universal power supply , shouldent it? and also i can't do it for myself since i don't have a intel mac frown.gif


P.S, if anyone lives in Down Under, that would be more convenient for me, biggrin.gif

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