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Sweex LW053 USB plug - unplug at reboot FIX


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Hello, i' am new here and want to share a fix for my sweex usb dongle.


I bought a Sweex LW053 Ver 1.0 - RT2571 chipset for my new system because i found this the best price/quality product.

The driver is the one i found via the Wiki Website

Installed, second driver in list: Download the Driver


When i rebooted my system i had to unplug and plug the USB dongle to get on my network/internet


I tried to replace my IONetworkingFamily.kext with a version from 10.4.6 (my system works with 10.4.8)

This would not resolve the issue of unplugging and plugging the dongle.


Just some surfing (thanks to Google) on the net got me to this Website


A german guy called thomsmac solved my problem, on above website is a detailed "problem" and "solution" described


I hope i can help you people out who has having the same problems with the dongle and the USBWirelessUtility.app


My configuration:

Asus P5LD2-VM DH

Processor Intel Core 2 Duo E4400

1024 MB DDR2-RAM PC6400/DDR800


Western Digital 250GB S-ATA2 WD2500KS 16MB

Sweex Wireless USB adapter 54Mbps LW053




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I bought this for my laptop and can confirm that it works perfectly, the signal coming into my laptop is about 20% stronger than the internal 'card'. I first saw mention of the Sweex on the osx86 wiki. I do have problems with the need to unplug and re-plug in the USB in order for it to be seen but... no biggie! I need to dig a little deeper with the suggested solution. Meantime, thanks Rustig for thumbs up on this adapter :)

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I bought this over eBay not knowing how it would work, and its been great!

Sometimes when rebooting a get a kernel crash, but unplugging the adapter and rebooting fixes it.


Has anyone got an idea how to use the built in Airport with this adapter, it would be great if there was a way.



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