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Realtek 8139d don't work

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i have a big problem!

my ethernet card do not work! its 10$ network card with Realtek 8139d (RTL 8139d) Chipset!


it dont work on my system :(


i can see the ethernet card on Network. i can change the settings from DHCP to manual ip!

both do not work!


when i go to the overview theres a RED POINT befor the network card. there is a message like "theres no wire put into the network card" BUT THERE IS A WIRE IN IT!!


i have no drivers installed yet. i thought the rtl 8139d works native.


can you help me please? do i need other drivers?

for more info look in my signature please!



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I had similar problem with Realtek 8100 card. There is a third party driver for Realtek chips:


and go to RTL1xxx Installer and download it.

Driver resolved my problem.




i have installed it! but it don't work no.


self problem before installed the new driver!

i think i'm going crazy hehe :(


:-( greetings :-(

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