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I have a compatible processor, and I'm using JaS osx86 10.4.8


The problem I am getting is that when I start the PC the with osx86 dvd in the drive, it brings up a standard black screen saying "Press a key to install... or press F8... etc."


When I press a key I get the message "Loading Darwin\x86..."

Then as the PC is about to say something else (Starting or something) it reboots.


My Specs:

AMD Athlon 64 3700+




Regarding the Hard Drive. I deleted the partitions on my 2nd hard drive (in windows disk manager),

Then did the below;


list disk

select disk [the number of your disk]

create partition primary id=af

list partition

select partition [the number of your new osx partition]

active (if this doesn’t work, try ’set active’ without quotes)


I tried pressing F8 and starting the installer with these commands;

platform=X86PC -v





I've searched all over the web, including this site.

I found a couple of people with the same problem, but I didn't manage to find any answers.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks =]

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