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Best High End System/GPU...SLI?

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Hey all,

its been a while since Ive posted on this forum, Im glad its still running strong. My alienware area51m 7700 was just stolen and now am looking for a replacement of similar quality that can run osx to the best of its ability (QE and other visual goodies enabled). Im looking at the new alienware 9750 which is an SLI machine. Any ideas if SLI will even work at all? Anybody have experience using osx on machines by voodoo, alienware, hypersonic, falcon-northwest? Ive searched the forums and read the compatibility guides for all versions and they only seem to mention lower end dells, hps, ect. I like the frag books from falconnorthwest as well as stuff by hypersonic (dont like dell XPS). Any recomendations for the best compatiabillity with a higher end mobile graphics card. I know an ATI X...whatever will work as will integrated intel graphics, but if not SLI, what would be the best bet for a powerful gaming graphics card/system.

Most systems have something like NVidia GeForce Go 7900 GS, or the GTX, etc. Finally, any thoughts on blueray/HD-DVD compatiability? I dont think its possible because its not even supported by apple at pres time so theres no software for it, but its just a thought.

Any input is appreciated,



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If you can... put in a system together by yourself. You can then pick each supported component. (Look at the HLC)

- As of SLI I don't know. I know it won't work in OS X, but if you want to dual boot I guess it's an option.

- As of now the latest high-end gpu's are not supported in OS X, because there are no drivers. (ATI HD2X00 XT, Geforce 8X00 Series).

- As of supported hardware I should go for an intel 965 / 975 chipset motherboard, with an Radeon X1950 XT and a Quad Core CPU. (if you want a power machine, that's 100% OS X Compatible)


ofcourse.. you can wait ;)


//Edit Blu-ray disc recording is supported by Roxio's Toast 8

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