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AMD Installing Slow or not at all


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Currently I'm trying to install the 10.4.8 install and my black screen loading time is taking a really long time.


Right now it's currently on:


kern.maxvnodes: 33792 -> 2500


which is only two lines down from:


BSD root: disk1s3. major 14. minor 4


I've gotten to the mac installation screen before on earlier releases, and the latest 10.4.9 release



EDIT: Now its on to "Creating RAM Disk for /Volumes"


and that timed out waiting for the driver to load.



It's been almost 45 minutes now since I booted up.


EDIT2: Now it's on "Launching Crash Reporter"


and it's got a lot of stuff.




Basically, is this slow boot up time caused by my grphics card, my cpu, or my dvd drive or a combination?



When doing the 10.4.9 I get to the blue screen really fast, but it doesnt load up the select your language welcome screen.

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I had a simular problem on my system before..


It was a bad burned DVD!


Try to use a GOOD DVD-RW which was erased compleatly (not fast) and bur max 2x


or use a normal DVD +/- R with a slow burning speed...


that helps for me...

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ok, i'll go try that,


BTW, the 10.4.9 boots up to the bluescreen in less than 6 minutes, but my mouse stays as a cursor and cant move and it doesnt turn into the loading color pinwheel like normal then back to the pointer at the language welcome screen.


EDIT: The lowest speed I can burn is at 4x so that's what I'm doing right now...


EDIT2: I'm at the black screen with version 10.4.9 at the "BSD root: disk2s3, major 14, minor 5" line and it's been sitting here for awhile not doing anything.


EDIT3: I'm going to try the JaS.Mac.OS.X.10.4.8.AMD.Intel.SSE2.SSE3.PPF.1.Defiant.diskutil.biker880.ich7-R.patch.Integrated


cause the 4x burned 10.4.9 didn't get past the BSD root line.

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I just tested the 10.4.9 uphuck disc image in vmware and it works flawlessly, there are less errors during the black screen bootup in vmware then there were booting from my dvd drive.


Should I just go back to an older release or can someone identify my problem?


Maybe I can give somebody a data sheet of the system specs of my computer via a program like Sandra or whatever it's called.

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