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system config file '/com.apple.boot.plist' not found


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I'd like to test a mac os on my PC, in order to get a real mac book pro in the future time.


So I installed mac os 10.4.9 (uphuck intel-amd sse2 sse3 universal dvd v1.2): setup ran correctly, but after the first reboot the computer freezed, just after the bios boot, before the mac os boot.


I'm using an AMD athlon 64 X2 3800+, with Asus A8NSLI premium. I've 2 hd, sata and ide. I installed mac os on the ide one.

I tried the previous mac os version also (jas os amd-intel sse2 sse3 10.4.8) but I had the same problem: os never starts.


If I use the dvd to boot the os It shows me this error:

system config file '/com.apple.boot.plist' not found


Can you help me?


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