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Building my own PC

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Well if you just wanna run windows, I would recommend one of the new AMD X2-3600 chips, they're very nice indeed and can be overclocked too (of course you don't have to).


Well, you know there are a LOT of variables to take into account when you buy a new PC. Of course everything is customizable. So you have to choose a motherboard, CPU, RAM, Optical drive (not a biggie ^_^ ), Hard drive (cheap nowadays, isn't everything?), Case, PSU, blah blah blah.


The case I recommend is a if you can get an antec NSK3300, nice case, takes MATX motherboards. It includes a PSU and a quiet fan. Then get a nice mATX mobo for AM2, and an AMD X2-3600. Take it from there. Then see how much ram and hdd you can afford. I really digged this case since I read a review of it on silentpcreview.com


Do you need to buy a monitor as well with that $500?


These are just my initial thoughts. If you wanna run OSX rather go for an intel based system.


Then again you can try look for a Mac mini core duo that's on sale :)

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I would recommend a C2D system with a Nvidia graphics card.


Have a look on the OSx86 HCL for a suitable LGA775 motherboard (should be looking around £40-£60)


For a CPU, I would recommend a E4300 - they are relatively quick (dual 1.8ghz), but are very cool running (only 65w). That would be about £75.


Chuck in a 80gb (or more if your budget will alow) SATA HDD - they will be about £30


2 sticks of Kingston Value DDR2 RAM 512mb - at around £14 each.


For the case, chose whichever one you like - there isn't much the worry about compatability!

As long as you get a ATX case, rather than mATX, it will fit any mobo. I nice case with a build in 400w PSU should set you back around £30.


Chuck in a DVD-RW drive for around £20


On my list so far, it is at £230, which gives lots of room to chose a nice graphics card and Moniter and kyeboard, mouse etc


hope it helps!

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I was gonna suggest a c2d based on e4300, like paranoid marvin, but thought it would be too expensive.


I must admit it is a better choice, go with the intel rather. Only buy amd if you're strapped for cash. The intel setup is faster and more flexible (runs osx86 well)


Yeah, I live in south africa. Hardware is cheap in the USA.

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