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Ati Radeon x1900 GT on amd 64?


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I am using the tubgirl release, i have an e-machines t6534 64 bit amd computer...


After finding drivers and reading this forum I've gotten sound and networking to work. However the ati drivers that came with the tubgirl release do not work and I get an error message every time I boot up mac os x saying that the kext doesn't work or whatever.


I did some searching for x1900 but didn't really find something definitive, so can anyone guide me towards which forum thread I might need to look at or which patch to apply? I'm using vga cables so i don't even have to worry about dvi problems.


By the way on the ati website there are drivers for mac os x for a radeon g5 release, I'm assuming that won't work since I don't have a g5 :D

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