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*nix commands like NSLookUp not working (Fix)

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I think this only applies to people who have used Jas DVDs because he has snuck this error on the DVDs. Tubgirl DVDs and others you can try this fix if you're having problems too.


Thanks to Fonzy over on the IRC Chat, he has made this possible!! finally *nix commands work like nslookup & dig.


Alright here it is:


Open up terminal

sudo su

enter password

rm /etc/resolv.conf

ln -s /var/run/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf

cat /etc/resolv.conf (to verify its there)


*Edit* restart terminal :P


There ya go :whistle:. Nice little quick fix. And this fix isn't from me but by Fonzy :). Thanks Fonzy

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Hehe, you're welcome. JaS has messed up the original /etc/resolv.conf file, which is a symlink (aka alias/shortcut) pointing to another file on the drive. It wasn't pointing to where it would be on a legal Mac OS installation, instead it was pointing to a file that doesn't even exist, and thus breaking its functionality. The above commands will restore the proper symlink.


The file actually contains all the DNS (name-to-ip lookup) information that Terminal apps need in order to do their job (nslookup/dig are great tools). But not just Terminal apps, it affects some GUI applications too. Most prominently ShakesPeer, which will not function at all without this fix, since it looks for /etc/resolv.conf to do the Direct Connect hubname-to-ip lookups. Without a fix you cannot connect to any servers.


Unfortunately JaS is not making any more DVDs, but at least we can fix it ourselves. :whistle:




All the best,

The Fonz

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Hey, it seems that i have a kind of same problem.

I can't see other computers or hackintoshes macs on the net while i can connect to them from windows machines.


i tried the lines stated above but it seems there is no such file / directory


i'm using jas 10.4.7 installation dvd on a home made p4, everything else works even wireless


any suggestions?


many thanks

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