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  1. LOL - a min G5 PM? No, just for fun.

    beautiful mod, i love it would you sell it ?
  2. try to plug an dvi to vga adaptor in the unused port and reboot, also try booting with your screen attached to the other port
  3. do you guys remember the announcement of the imac back in those years, it was simple had only one cable (kb&mouse) compared to a cluttered pc which had a lot of cables lying around. Well it seems apple is going the pc way today... :-D
  4. medion p8610

    no one?
  5. medion p8610

    can anyone patch my dsdt and eventually create a small guide on how he did it so i can do it for two different medion laptops because they work quite well with osx 10.6? if you need some files please tell me i will be very grateful to anyone who helps me greetings from belgium
  6. HD4870 512mb

    no-one who knows something about audio over hdmi?
  7. Big problem after overclocking my 980XE

    easy one, don't overclock
  8. PCIe Lane Width: x8

    did you try swapping the video card from system 1 to system 2 and vice versa to see what happens then? and it seems that you have done two different installation method/option(s)
  9. HD4870 512mb

    Just informing you all, i have a hd4870 512mb that i flashed with a mac efi compatible bios when booting i have working monitor but as soon as the graphical interface of osx boots i loose the signal i (of course) tried the other dvi port with the same thing as a result so i wanted to try the vga signal to see if that one worked, as soon as i inserted the adaptor in the yellow port the dvi signal went trough and i had a working output... does anyone of you guys know if there's something i can do to make it work without the adaptor (dvi-vga) so i could only plug my dvi cable in as a second question i would like to know if it's possible to make the sound work over hdmi (with an adaptor dvi-hdmi) many thanks
  10. Kernel Panic on Atom

    did you install a custom kernel for your atom cpu?
  11. Leopard 10.5.8 & Linksys WPM11

    i thought it depended on the revision of your card, can you post that?
  12. Right guide for this machine ?

    it should work, but please use a hdd for osx only and dual boot on two different hd's
  13. iAktos a voodoohda

    try removing applehda.kext
  14. sound over hdmi with an ati 5770

    the only card i got sound over hdmi is an nvidea one, so if you got yours working please send me an pm as i now use an 4870 ati card