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Something is AMISS! Xbench from 101 to 26 then 63?


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OK, I had the 7600 GS and could not get dual to work, so I went out, bought a 7300 GT and installed it, it just worked. Noticed in Apple PAGES it was running slow, for kicks, ran XBENCH and was shocked to see a 29.x score when I was at 101 with the 7600.


So I installed Natit_1_0.pkg, rebooted, installed Natit_Dual_V0.02 ran:

cd /System/Library/Extensions

sudo chown -R root:wheel Natit.kext && sudo chmod -R 755 Natit.kext

sudo rm -f /System/Library/Extensions.mkext

sudo rm -f /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache


And Ran XBENCH again, this time it was up to 63 or so.


I have a hard time believing that the 7600 GS to 7300 GT would be this dramatic, so I pose the question.......


When I had the 101 score running all tests in XBENCH, I only had the one screen but believe that I had indeed edited the NVRASMEN, NVHAL40, and GEFORCE kexts with my device id whereas so far, I have NOT done this.

It even seems my CPU speed mark is low, 63% for P4 D930 Dual, I think it used to be higher.


So Should I EDIT the kext files to see if that makes a difference? If I run the test without it (GPU and HD) I get 96, still, thats lower than the 101 that I used to get.

Any ideas? Maybe editing the files ARE needed?


Please help.


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The 7300GT is a horrible card compared to the 7600. Plus XBench is not a very reliable tool. There are better benchmark tools. There have been threads on this.

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