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Booting Multiple OSes


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I have 2 Hard drives. The first is a SATA drive with NOTHING but Windows XP Home SP2 installed on it. The second HD is an IDE disk. It has JaS 10.4.8 installed on it, and working fine. Now, i installed Windows XP Pro x64 on the second IDE HD. I can ONLY boot to it from the boot.ini bootloader. But i wanna boot to XP x64 from Darwin, can i do this? Darwin lists the XP x64 partition as "hd (0,5) Windows NTFS" When i select it the error i receive is this: _$. Darwin just stalls there. Anybody have a clue what that means? Could the problem be due to the fact that XP x64 partition is logical instead of primary? Since it's logical, would it have a problem seeing NTDETECT.COM, NTLDR, or whatever boot files it needs from the XP Home SP2 installation on the SATA drive? I'm pretty stumped here, at least if i figure out what the heck this: _$ means, that would help me quite a bit.


Thanks in advance.

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