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VM to native

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I have been trying to find help with this for many hours now but cannot find any, sorry if there is already a post about it.


I have recently installed 10.4.8 Jas on a 'other64 VM' in VMware and it all works fine. (I had to alter the .vmx file). I have installed it on a seperate drive to my windows and am wondering how to run it natively as when i start up my computer on just that Mac drive it stops and says nothing else after going through BIOS. I know very little about how to use unix systems too.


(I have had it working previous to this and cant remember doing anything special to make it work, but in my attempt to get the drivers working i messed up the O/S and had to reinstall)


Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks in advance



Abit AB9 Pro Mboard

E6600 Core2Duo 2.9Ghz

2GB Ram

120GB ATA for Mac

160GB SATA for windows

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