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OSX wants always to reboot after choosing the country


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Everything works fine in the installationprocess, but after the first reboot, when I have to choose my country, macosx86 wants to reboot - regrdless of the country I select.


Weired thing is, that I managed to run it this night, but due to bad luck with my graphic-card (X1600 Pro ICE-Q) and a wrong driver, I needed to reinstall osx and now I can`t get it working again...

Any Ideas?

Every help apreciated.


My Mainboard:


SATA as Primery master.

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Same Problem.

I installed with english as preferred language and coutnry USA (and England the next time).

Have to rebot and afterwards the same question arises...

Same country or other country - no chance.

Always reboot neded.

Wired, beacuse it worked once yeterday.

I didn`t chnge anything. I partitioned the hard drive new, tried another harddisk, no chance.

Maybe a bios reset might help?

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BTW, at the moment I`m having a clean system (no OS at all). I`m planning to build up an 3-OS system (Mac, XP and Vista). Does the priority of the installations matter? Or can I just install what ever OS I like (XP before Vista) and in the end I install the acronis bootloader to choose which OS i want to start?

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I reformated the harddisk, reinstalled OSX, but the same problem.

What could the reason for that be? Or, more important, what coult the solution be ....




what the heck...

After the 4th reboot (choosing ireland this time...) it works


Windows - is it you? ;o)

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