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System config file com.apple.Boot not found after XP started


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i installed to my friend's computer a mac osx 10.4.8.

the mac booted on my computer as usb drive, and in his computer too.


His comp. has got 2 winchester : a sata with 3 partitions and an ide with 2 partitions.

The ide's first partition contains the installed XP and the sata's first partition belongs to the tiger.


in the bios the disk priority must define to able to boot the xp or mac.

the mac has run several times perfectly. Before starting xp. So, i changed the disks' priority, to ensure the xp be first. the xp started well, then reboot, and using the sata drive as first disk, the mac printed this onto the screen:

"Systen config file '/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot' not found"


i tried using it as usb drive and the result is the same in my comp. too.


Can be the source of the problem the XP? How can i fix this problem?


(i used install dvd and diskutil repairing permissions, but nothing found.)

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