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Help installing on this hardware.

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I"m getting increasingly frustrated at my inability to installl osx.

It makes me realize how long it has been since I installed tricky programs, and used the ocmmand line regularly... my how things do change.


The Hardware I am using is...

AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 4400+

on a K8m890m-m Motherboard

1 gig ram


I am having no luck with either of the ISO's I have tried.


I have tried two ISO's.

The Iso's are titled




on 10.4.7 I get a grey screen telling me to turn poer off and on. No matter how many times I reboot I get this message. Disabling onboard USB doesn't change anything. (that was already suggested to me)


on 10.4.8 I don't get that far. I can't even get to the grey screen .

The last thing I get is


AppleVIAATADriver : Via 8237 (cmd ox870, ctr ox374, IRQ15, 8M 0xfc08)


followed by a

still waiting message



Any ideas?


Right now I don't need Wireless or dual boot or anything, just to get it basically working.


Any help is much appreciated.




I am trying to install OsX only. I have four other Vista machines and don't need dual boot capability.

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Well on 10.4.8 I recieve the following as the last couple of lines displayed on my install attempt


AppleVIAATADriver" VIA 8237 (cmd ox170, CTR ox377, Irq15 8m oxfo o8)

Still waiting for root device.


I am trying to install on an ECS K8m890m-m (VIA K8m890-ce Chipset)

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Brisbane

1 gig ram.


I went into my Bios and turned off almost everything the options in setup (after I have changed them) read as follows


Onboard Floppy Control: Disabled

Serial port 1 address: Disabled

Onboard IR Port: Disabled

Parallel Port Address: Disabled

Onboard PCI IDE Controller: Both

Onboad SATA-IDE : Disabled

Audio Device: Disabled

Modem Device; Disabled

Ethernet Device: Disabled

Onboard Lan Boot room : Disabled

Onboard USB Function: Disabled

USB function for Dos: Disabled


Anyone have any idea what I can do to get this installed. As mentioned above I'm not looking for Dual boot. I have plenty of Vista machines.

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