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Hi guys i'm in trouble with Mac OS X 4.8 from jas.

I got this config :


AMD opteron 144

ATI Radeon X850XT platinum Edition


I have two 320GB drives. On the first, XP on a primary.

I made a second partition in fat32 as primary to.


When i'm launching osX, everything goes clean, choosing and erasing the partition, perfect.

But when the install starts, over a while it freezes ! never at the same moment ; sometime at 2%, sometime 80% etc.


Ican't understand why.


Please feel free to give me an answer if you know what happens^^

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I've got the exact same problem. I'm running an AMD Athlon 64 4000+ and maybe one out of every 50 tries it will install, maybe. It even locks up when I go to Disk Utility to format the drive. Sometimes it's at 4%, sometimes 30%, sometimes 80%, sometimes before the installer even load, always random... very odd, and I have no idea why. It's totally stumped me.

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