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Why are my Cinebench Scores so low?

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Here are My results from quick run tonight:





Tester : Kholi


Processor : Q6600

MHz : 366 x 8

Number of CPUs : 4

Operating System : OSX 10.4.9


Graphics Card : BFG 7900GS

Resolution : 1920x1200

Color Depth : Millions



Rendering (Single CPU): 483 CB-CPU

Rendering (Multiple CPU): 1572 CB-CPU


Multiprocessor Speedup: 3.26


Shading (CINEMA 4D) : 588 CB-GFX

Shading (OpenGL Software Lighting) : 1438 CB-GFX

Shading (OpenGL Hardware Lighting) : 1936 CB-GFX


OpenGL Speedup: 3.29



I have dual DVI screens running at once. What's up with this?

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You should try running Cinebench on an officially supported OS like Windows. If you see a drastic difference between the Windows and OS X benchmarking results, the Windows ones are probably the real readings.


Don't worry about bad benchmarks, if you think your system is performing as it should, don't worry about it :blink:

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