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TV turner

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Ok, i'm in the market for a TV turner, i want it to work on Vista and OSX86.

I've done some searching, and figured out that most USB ones work perfectly with iTv or Elgato's software.

However i would really like it if i could get a PCI card, and of those the BT878 ones seem to mostly work.


Does anyone have any current PCI tv turner cards working?


And if not, which USB ones do you recommend?


also, i'd like to keep this as close to, or under $100 as possible, thanks.

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Ok, i know i'm asking for alot here, but here are 2 card's im looking at right now, both are dual digital/analog cards, one is PCIx, one is PCI.


no idea how to find out if they have the right chipset though.


AVerTV Combo



Kworld digital/analog



I'd prefer the PCIx one over the PCI one, but really no matter which one works, i'll be happy.


I'd like to be able to buy a car by the end of the week, so help soon would be awesome.

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well, i got the Kworld one, and no luck getting it to work, not that i was expecting it, but i mainly got it because my friend wanted a new one and i said id get that one, if it didnt work, he'd buy it off me, so its all good.


I'm looking at getting this Leadtek one, only $30, and according to here, it works no problem.

ill update when i get it, but since its a long weekend, probably wont come till tuesday/wedensday, bummer...

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