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make a boot OSX restore disk!


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Instead use Ghost32 from VistaPE CD with Ghostcast server & you can get the same done in no time.


Edit of the install DVD with ie SuperDuper is the only solution that we still waiting for (or at least corrected Disk Utility that does allow to select the destination



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Here it is with no Windoze & only external USB drive:


So the scenatio would be:

* attach external USB drive to a fully running Hackintosh

* format it as Journaled HFS+ with Disk Utility

* create image of your HD with SuperDuper! - free for this purpose - to this external USB HD

* copy /usr/bin/open & /Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility to the external USB drive

* physically change the HD to an empty one (or whatever you want to restore to)

* reboot to an installation DVD

* on first screen (after language of course) start from the menu Utilities/Terminal

(next point can be replaced with booting to installation DVD that does have the correct Disk Utility

ie. Kalyway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd.iso, in that case you simply run the app from the menu)

* run the command to start Disk Utility from external USB drive:


/Volumes/External-USB/open -a "/Volumes/External-USB/Disk Utility.app"


* restore your image from External-USB to empty internal drive


Edited almost 2 years later!!!


That method works also on latest (as of April 09) 10.5.6!

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The best solution


Use Acronis True image (on windows).

Make a image of osx disk

And restore it. it's work 100%.


i make un new install of mac osx (with driver, kext etc...)

i make (on windows) a image of osx disk (only 3,3Gb)

i make a bootable dvd Acronis true image.

I put my image disk of osx on it with UltraIso.

Finaly i have a bootable disk on windows of true image with image osx on it.

it's work very well.

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Guys, I do not know what you are trying to invent here, but my method requires only a working Hackintosh & external USB drive (I use old 8 Gb as it is more than enough for the image)


I tested it & it works. 30 min from start to finish



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