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PROBLEM SOLVED, Dual Screen....


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I didn't even have to install anything, what I had tried, just took.


Sure, I might have taken a hit in performance (7600 GS to 7300GT dual DVI XFX Brand), its what apple uses in their mac pros so I thought it was good enough for me.


Placed the card in, booted up hand waaaa laaaa, dual screen.


Thanks for the help!



Anyone want a 4.5 week old 7600 GS DVI and VGA? LOL. Selling it cheap. No need for it.


Also, beauty about this new card, while lower in spec (not sure how much of a performance hit), it has no fan just a big heat sink = great for audio use ,which is what I do.



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BIG Thanks to Diabolik who suggested I just avoid the headaches and get the card he used for testing.


Price, tax, etc, $92.00..


I picked it up from here


XFX 7300 GT






Not sure what the last method I tried was but I believe it was a new OS install, the Natit 1.0 package then the Natit Universal.

Why? Becuase I did NO editing what so ever. I just went to look at the NATIT kext and realized BBEdit was not installed on this HD, and therefore did NOT turn the NATIT, GEFORCE and other KEXT files into folders. They are still that diamond/square shape. Just so you know.




I used Natit_1.0 and Natit_Dual_V0.02

Which I am attaching!!!


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