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Install OK, but no boot...


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I have just finished the installation of OsX86, but when I start the computer, anything of takes place after the check of disks, I stay on a black screen with a white cursor...


Can you help me please ?



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If you use onboard Graphics set it from Bios to 8 insted of 1 .

I think it doesent have onboard graphics, so the next time you install dont chose any package for graphics becose they cosing problem.

You can instal graphics after succesful installation.

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Did you install this one "JaS 10.4.8 AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2.iso + JaS.10.4.9.Combo.Update.Intel.SSE3" ???

I installed this on my pc instead of updating my JaS 10.4.7 that was working perfectly after running some kext.. and the installation was successful but when booting Mac nothing appear but BLACK screen and flashing prompt. I think the problem in booting.

plz anybody suggest good tested and working torrent of the version 10.4.8 updated and patched, instead of we new Mac people test each ISO and discover each problem, it takes too much time :(

Thanks and hope to find page with recommeneded torrents with full details and included easy tutorials for new Mac users :P

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On Update progres more than one restart is required.

I dont trust this iso.

If black screen appears after reboot just reinstall without chosing Graphics support packages.

It can be solved later.

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Ok I'va installed this... Install OK, and on book I've gray screen with apple picture and loadin circle, but during charging, my monitor shut down with message "no signal detected"...


Can you help me ?

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Dont use ANY package on installation, exept the Intel related ONLY.

No languages , no printers , no graphics drivers , nothing exept and ONLY Intel part.


(the message you got from your display was that is out of range or graphics doesent work, if you didnt install Graphics drivers, install it now).

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Guest Ramm

Also, if you get that screen, sit there for a few minutes. Most of the time, it does that on startup, and then goes past it into OS X.

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I m getting confused with ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 and my ASRock 775Dual-VSTA.


This is "How to Post" to do not leave things on the air by "Metrogirl" :


Identifying the problem:


Don't assume the first failure is a dead end. Do it again. Sometimes things just don't work the first time.

Write down everything you did, step by step, and write down what you see on the screen. Adding the -v option to the boot: prompt gives you a LOT of useful information on the screen.

Try different hardware, media, or configurations. Pull out add-on cards (yes, I know you forgot that there was a PCMCIA card plugged in, we've all done it, and that might be the problem).

Research the problem BEFORE you post:


RTFM and STFW are keywords here. "Read the (Fine) Manual", or in this case, the FAQs, the Wiki, the various posts - use the forum search function first. Your problem is quite likely to have been solved before. "Search the (Fine) Web" is self-explanatory. Countless times when someone asks a question I Google for the problem to see what I can find out about it and the answer is right there on the first page of hits. I'm usually nice enough to copy the info back to the user, but I'm also way too busy to spoon-feed people who can't be bothered to do a basic search themselves.


Giving the information:


Choose a sensible title for your post. "It doesn't work" or "Help me!" will probably result in no-one reading the post. We give you a title box and a description box to use - use them both.

Tell us as much as you can. What your hardware is. What image you're using. If it's a DVD-R or a +R. How you burned it. What the CPU is capable of (like SSE2, SSE3 etc.). Where it stopped and what the error message was.


Be polite:


A lot of the members are very, very clever people and they are also very, very busy. If you ask stupid questions they will probably ignore you and give their time to someone who is more deserving in their opinion. If you *demand* help or dispute someone's ability you may be ignored, or you may end up being laughed at. There's no need to grovel, but a little respect certainly helps.


Don't ask a question and then never respond:


You asked the question, so when you try a suggestion, come back and let us know what happened. If the reply fixed it, tell us and thank the person who gave their time to help you out. If you fixed the problem, let us know too. That helps everyone. I can't stress this enough. I get very annoyed with people who ask a question and then never appear again, just taking our time and running away.


Say "Thank You":


Your problem was solved? It takes seconds to say "Thank You". So please do it. Believe it or not, there's a real live human being behind every post. I'm one too. It makes me feel all warm and loved when someone appreciates the time I've put in to helping them. I'll probably help them again before I help someone who didn't seem to care whether I devoted my time and effort on them or not.

Don't start a flame war:


Some people are naturally curt. Like I said, they're busy. Some members don't use English as their first language. It's easy to misinterpret what someone has said. He or she might not have meant to hurt your feelings. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, even a wrong one. Better to ignore such comments than come flying back with abuse.


That's basically it. I'm not trying to discourage anyone from posting. We want you here and we want to help you. But please think before typing!


One of our members (onixwj - thanks!) suggested this webpage as a useful guide to posting. It's not specifically focussed on forum use but most of it applies equally here (but don't go bothering the writers, they're nothing to do with this forum or OSX). Although it will take you ten minutes to read it all, you'll probably be a lot better off afterwards.


Thanks, good luck and good posting.

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