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Booting when Darwing BootLoader doesnt install on HDD


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(This is using INTEL ONLY DVD JAS 10.4.8 (sometimes AMD2 + INTEL DVD does the same thing) on the P5LD2VM-DH)


It sometimes happens that the darwin bootloader doesnt get written on the osx install hard drive.


The error appears like the following :


bless: unrecognized option --bootefi


And i reached to the conclusion that because of this error, the darwin bootloader doesnt get written on the disk.


Thats why many people have the chain0 error ( it cannot read if there is no bootloader )


How can the bootloader writing on the hdd can be forced after installation ( i mean, my hackintosh is superb now, 10.4.9 latest kernel, nvidia + sound, network, all working except i cannot boot directly from the hdd, and i have to use the cd all the times ).


Is it something like fixmbr/fixboot as windows has ?


I want to write the osx darwin bootloader, please help to a humble hackintosh user :)

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