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  1. API call of GetMacAddress

    I finaly managed to solve this issue without AppleSMBIOS.kext. Just go to : - irc server: irc.osx86.hu - channel: #hackintosh Ask someone to give you an updated IONetworkFamily.kext (with LMHOST/MAYA/DRM fix) The problem is described here : http://www.semthex.com/index.php?option=co...ticle&id=22 I still think that with an updated AppleSMBIOS.kext one wouldnt need to have a different IONetworkFamily.kext, but who knows.
  2. API call of GetMacAddress

    It is confirmed, he's got the messeage, now lets hope he finds time look over it!
  3. API call of GetMacAddress

    i've sent an message to paulicat to see if can do something about GetMacAddress, lets hope he solves it and it gives as a workable GetMacAddress.
  4. API call of GetMacAddress

    Thx for the quick answer, i dont want to shout , this is how my browser posted, i am really sorry. I have a Core2Duo E6600 with a P5LD2VM-DH, therefore it is SSE3 10.4.9 with that latest 8.9.1 kernel What do you recommend me to do?
  5. I currently tried to install some applications that base their validation on the GetMacAddress call, but instead of returning the real network card mac, the system returns a voodoo value of 0x00000005. If i change the AppleSMBIOS.kext from Paulikat to the original AppleSMBIOS.kext then the returned MAC is the real one, but then the "About this Mac" window will crash everything. What is to be done ? (These applications are the ones that base their serial no/key generation on the MAC address of your computer)
  6. (This is using INTEL ONLY DVD JAS 10.4.8 (sometimes AMD2 + INTEL DVD does the same thing) on the P5LD2VM-DH) It sometimes happens that the darwin bootloader doesnt get written on the osx install hard drive. The error appears like the following : bless: unrecognized option --bootefi And i reached to the conclusion that because of this error, the darwin bootloader doesnt get written on the disk. Thats why many people have the chain0 error ( it cannot read if there is no bootloader ) How can the bootloader writing on the hdd can be forced after installation ( i mean, my hackintosh is superb now, 10.4.9 latest kernel, nvidia + sound, network, all working except i cannot boot directly from the hdd, and i have to use the cd all the times ). Is it something like fixmbr/fixboot as windows has ? I want to write the osx darwin bootloader, please help to a humble hackintosh user