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Acer Aspire 5633WLMi working ?

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Hi, has anybody had experience with installing 10.4.8 on a Acer Aspire 5633WLMi ?


I am looking at getting this Laptop and will be wanting to load OSX86 onto it. I have checked at Wiki HCL list but cannot seem to find it.


Hope someone has installed it successfully.





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I'm thinking of buying the same one very soon :P


This one must run OS X with no problem.


I've checked, and I think every chipset should be supported fine, exept the Intel 3945 WLAN (for the moment)

Some drivers are in stage of developpement for it.

I've seen somewhere this laptop shoud have a free miniPCI slot Type III (i hope it really has one)

Fortunately, i've got an Atheros EMP-8602 miniPCI wifi card that will fit in, and be recognized as Airport (already tried on my current setup, with a miniPCI/PCI adapter).


I think the Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet chipset is supported too:



The audio should be fine with Taruga's fix, since it's Realtek ALC883.


Moreover, I'd like to give a try to its nVidia graphics.


If someone who has the same laptop reads me, please contribute :)

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i have an aspire 5610-4648 and i got osx installed with minimal problems.. the main thing is the wifi (mine came with intel pro 3945) but i bought a new mini pcie card off ebay that works great..

i have realtek hd sound that works, broadcom 440x enet works, touchpad works with tapping but no scroll, webcam doesnt work tho

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I've just got my 5632.

I'm happy the 120 Go hard disk is a Western Digital :D


I reinstalled XP Pro over Windows MC 2005.

I going to setup a triple boot :)

Now i'm installing linux, then i'll format the HFS partition with AF flag, and also will have some GRUB configurations to do...


The week end will be crunchy !

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