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OSX : HDMI / DVI black screen - a workaround


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you will need a standard TV for this (with a composite connection)


I have been battling with a black screen for a little while now when i boot into osx, sometimes it'll wake after 20 mins, sometimes not at all, but I have found a way to wake it immediately and I just thought id share.


Connect a single RCA cable from the Green component output to your tv sets composite input (usually yellow)


Boot osx as normal and you should see a poor monochrome image on your tv.


Click the blue apple and select 'Sleep'


The machine and display will go to sleep


Now, disconnect your rca and connect your hdmi / dvi / whatever


Press a key on your keyboard to wake the system.


Your dvi should now wake and display perfectly.


I have a standard TV right next to my DVI monitor so this is no problem for me, but would be a pain for those of you without such a setup, but i thought i'd share anyway.


Now we just need analogue sound from the RCA's working ;)





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I haven't tried this yet but I'm going to give it a shot, my composite always gives a low resolution monochrome color, but when i connected it to hdmi it does become black exactly as you have stated, Do you think you can write a script so that the appletv wakes up holding the menu button on the remote or something much appreciated though

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