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10.4.3 disk problems


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I downloaded 8f1111 and downloaded maxxuus patch.


I converted the dmg to an iso file.


I patched the 8f1111 with ppf.


I then burn the new iso to a blank dvd/rw


When I put the disk in my macintel machine I get a window that the machine needs to reset.


This message is in english,german and some other language.


I put this disk in my windows machine and I can see all the files and folders.


I currently have 10.4.1 running and was looking to due a new install of 10.4.3


This computer is a p4 3.0 and does not support sse3.



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You don't say which patch you use, but bear in mind that they are all designed for 8f1099, not 8f1111, so by using this you are reducing your chances of success.


You don't say much about what botherboard chipset, or other hardware specifications, so narrowing down the reason for this failiure is hard.


Have you tried the usual tests of booting -v, -s, or -x?


The short version is that this cross-patched version of 8f1111 doesn't like your hardware for some reason.. This can probably be fixed with a little tweaking & patching.


Good Luck!

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You maybe right, maybe I used the wrong patch.


I could not try any switches since I never get the boot prompt. It just keeps on reseting over and over again.

I get a black sceeen, the cd sipins up, I get the compaq logo for a sec and the whole thing resets.


I will have to check maxxuss web page and make sure I got the right patch for the right version.


It is all very confusing, there are so many different versions and different patches around.


I did not go into details about the chip set of my machine, since I am running 10.4.1 fine, I did not think that would be an issue.


10.4.1 seems to be very stable for me, it has not crashed on me at all in the 2 months I have running it.


I was just trying to see how 10.4.3 was, if there were any differneces in it.


I am haveing problems running azureus. It just closes down when I try to run it, I thought going to 10.4.3 would solve the problem.

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