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Solution for Garageband and Soundmax, etc


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I looked all over the forum to find solutions for getting GarageBand to work on my Soundmax board. I used the sticky to get output on iTunes, but couldn't get control of my internal mic or output in Garageband.


I discovered that part of the confusion is that the audio in OS X is divided into two drivers (in and out). These must be merged for other audio controllers, such as JackPilot, to work. This merging/aggregating is done in Audio Midi Setup (Applications => Utilities). Click Audio in the title bar and then 'Open Aggregate Device Editor'. Add an aggregate device. Hit Done. Change your default input and output to Aggregate Device.


You may need to click Configure Speakers to make sure the outputs are set correctly (click the channel buttons - if correct, you will hear white noise)


This may be enough for Garageband to now work. If not, download JackOSX from www.jackaudio.org (free) and follow the instructions. I now have full functionality with Garageband. :)


Hope this helps someone!

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