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  1. Intel Wireless Drivers [OSx86]

    if you don't mine a USB dogle, i suggest the D-Link DWA 140. It supports B/G/N and compatible with SL 10.6.4. I'm using it now on my 64-bit SL install. I got it on eBay for less than $20
  2. Watching Videos with Intel mobile 4

    i'm using Mplayer now and its great
  3. dual core= glitches, cpus=1 fix?

    I have Core 2 Duo and both cores work fine. I used iatkos SL Distro which had some sort of patch for that issue
  4. Touchpad not working on SL

    do you know what brand touchpad you have? Mine works fine under 10.6.4 64bit with the Voodoo kexts from the iatkos SL distro
  5. you could try using MBR partitions. That's what I have for my Windows 7/Snow Leopard dual boot
  6. Just how important is QE/CI?

    I don't know about Photoshop but i've heard iWork '09 doesn't work for those without QE/CI but iWork '08 works ok.
  7. Boot Kernel Panics

    fixed my issue by removing VoodooBattery and using this modded kext instead. I got battery icon and now i can close my laptop lid without going into dead sleep. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...0&start=20#
  8. Iatkos S3 V2

    i found that SleepEnabler killed USB2 speeds for me. It didn't even work on my system so got rid of it
  9. Just how important is QE/CI?

    i dont have QE/CI on my Lenovo Ieadpad Y450 laptop but i'm still able to play 720p mkv's just fine (I have Core 2 Duo CPU). Can't do random screensavers, frontrow or vlc. I use Mplayer and sometimes Quicktime to watch videos. Youtube flash videos play just fine (HD has a bit studder and full screen is a tad bit slow). I hear you can run older versions of Photoshop (Not sure the version) and iWork etc without QE/CI. There are also workaround/alternative apps for Apple apps that don't work because of lack of QE/CI. As for the dual boot i'm doing Snow Leopard and Windows 7 just fine using Chameleon V2 RC4. I didn't have to configure anything just installed bootloader during setup of SL and boom it worked.
  10. D-Link DWA-140 B/G/N works 100% on 10.6.4 64-bit using ralink drivers from iatkos SL distro (The latest drivers didn't work for me). Got mine on eBay for less than $20 used with the seller even posted a link to SL drivers.
  11. Coversutra crashes >.<"

    i just downgraded to 2.2.1 and everything works ok now.
  12. AppleACPIBattery in 32/64 flavor for Snow Kitty.

    This one works perfectly with my Lenovo Ideapad y450. Voodoobattery would give KP sometimes during boot and operating system usage and i couldn't close my laptop lid cause the system would freeze but all those issues seemed to be resolved with this kext. Oh i'm using SL 10.6.4 64-Bit btw
  13. VoodooPower 1.2.3

    i have the same 2 questions
  14. Bison Cam

    looking for info as well