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original os x4.8 able to crack?


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as i am very new to this topic, i thought yesterday, i will download any osx (4.8 tiger) and can install it in vmware or native. but now i read on several sites, that i need a hacked kernel. is it possible to hack a native osx with any cracks around or do i have to download 5 gigs again?


my hardware i like to test is:


vmware (are there any settings i have to consider?)


on a athlon 64 3200+ @ abit ul8, 1024 mb ddr 400, ati radeon 9200


and if it is working fine on the booth bottom machines, i like to make my

sony vaio fe41 to an eyecandy macbook in grey :)


im downloading a file called: mac.10.4.8.tiger.final-KOTR from the usenet - does anybody knows anything about that?


what is osx 4.x JAS standing for?


and is it possible in the case of the sony laptop to install osx after installed vista64 ultimate?


i m going for lunch, enjoy your meals!

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