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One NEVER knows, dumb, but how to tell what KERNEL you have?


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How do you tell what kernel you have?


I installed from JaS DVD 10.4.8. I also remember, not sure where, some kernel was not compatible with nvidia kexts (iofamily, something weird like that).


As many know..


On day 5.


Spent $50 on DVI cable (only to find it was male male, have to bring it back)

Listed my two LCD's (MINT CONDITION (I live in Pasadena) Samsung 17" Black on Craigs list.

Bought a APPLE DVI to VGA (need to return that)


And if you search me, you will see I have had no success with many different ways.



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if you get qe+ci at least with a display... you have got the right kernel.

anyway... do a:


uname -a


in terminal, to check the kernel version.. it must be >=8.8.1


Thanks, its 8.8.1


But when I did a search for mach_kernel it came up blank. (spotlite) trying to get dual displays in case you hadn't noticed. LOL!

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