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Sound on ASUS P5W DH Deluxe does not work

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Running 10.4.8. I have tried to use two methods: drop the ACL882_0x1043e601.txt (also tried ALC883.txt) file onto the AppleHDAPatcher v1.15(and tried 1.16). The screen wipes to grey and tells me to push the power button, et c. I have also tried the ALC882 AppleHDA v0.4b 2.mpkg, and after restarting, there still is no audio. I looked for that AppleAzallia.kext in the Extensions folder (to remove it, as the installer asked) but it wasn't there. Please help!



Also off topic--some reason all forum posts in any thread appear to be collapsed, and I have to click each one individually to view it. How do I turn that off? I don't know why it started to do that!

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