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ALC883 Audio Working only with Headphones!


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I was able to install MacOsX 10.4.8 perfectly, almost everything is working fine, except audio... I have a Laptop with ALC883 Audio Card, and I used a patch found somewhere here and I got it to work, but it doesn`t recognizes my Laptop internal speakers, and I`m only able to hear anything at all when I plug headphones or anything like it... Does anybody knows how to fix this?


I have another problem, and I don`t want to create aother topic because somebody may know the answer for this too... My Laptop has Realink Wireless Mini Card, and everytime I wan to use wireless I must install the drives for it... After using it, if I restart my MacOsX my wireless doesn`t work, and I must install the drives all over again... Is there a fix for it?


Thanks in advance


PS: Sorry for any English mistakes I may have made =D

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