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  1. I had a perfect 10.5 Leopard, installed EFI and Vanilla Kernel and everything was working perfectly... I decided to update to 10.5.1 and after installed I pass the gray screen but hangs on blue screen, my mouse cursor doesn't show up! I booted -v and I had some errors, but they were all corrected. I also tried deleting .DSIsRunning and boot with safe mode, but it didn't work either... Can somebody help me? Thanks
  2. I installed the ALC883Audio.mpkg found here... I used it to install my audio on Tiger and it worked perfectly, I recently upgraded to Leopard and it also worked. But since I installed it I can't shutdown 'cause after the system has almost completed shutdown I get a Kernel Panic message! I can restart without problems! I tried to repair permissions, reinstall kext but nothing! Does anyone have the same problem? Thanks
  3. I don't know if this is gonna work for all Hackintosh with this problem, but for me, I figured out the solution and it's actually simple.. Everytime you boot your, press F8 and on the boot options type -f This boot mode turns on the wireless always!
  4. Yes, I've read it and downloaded Replug... Still not working! I guess there's no way to solve this...
  5. I installed Leopard recently and I have almost everything working. The only problem is with my Built-In Wi-Fi (I'm using a Notebook). It's a Ralink RT73, and it works perfectly with the Ralink Drivers posted here in InsanelyMac. What happens is that after shutdown, when I boot Leopard, the card is not recognized, the light indicating that the Wi-Fi is working is off... So everytime I have to reinstall the drivers, repair permissions and so... Is there a way to make it last forever, so I don't have to do it everytime? Thanks
  6. I have XP and MacOsX installed on my Notebook, both are working perfectly together =D Now, I wanna update my XP to Windows Vista, but it wasn't that easy to get all working on Mac, so I don't wanna uninstall it and start from zero... My question is: Can I create a new partition, install Vista on it and then format XP Partition and keep Vista + MacOsX? Anyone has ever done it? Thanks
  7. I was able to install MacOsX 10.4.8 perfectly, almost everything is working fine, except audio... I have a Laptop with ALC883 Audio Card, and I used a patch found somewhere here and I got it to work, but it doesn`t recognizes my Laptop internal speakers, and I`m only able to hear anything at all when I plug headphones or anything like it... Does anybody knows how to fix this? I have another problem, and I don`t want to create aother topic because somebody may know the answer for this too... My Laptop has Realink Wireless Mini Card, and everytime I wan to use wireless I must install the drives for it... After using it, if I restart my MacOsX my wireless doesn`t work, and I must install the drives all over again... Is there a fix for it? Thanks in advance PS: Sorry for any English mistakes I may have made =D
  8. theushm

    SATA HD isn't seen by the installer

    I've already made a partition (FAT32) using Acronis. When I enter this Disk Utility my whole HD has its name on a dark grey. But the 2 partitions have their names on a light grey... Can I select the partition and keep on installing? I mean, select it, erase it as MacOsX Journaled?
  9. I have a notebook and I want to install MacOsX86 on it. I've downloaded Jas.10.4.8.SSE2.SSE3 and burned the image. The problem is that when I get to the "Install Destination" (or something like that) my HD isn't seen by the installer, so I can't proceed... I've tried entering the Bios and changing from SATA Raid to SATA, but I don't have this option. The Bios only informs me that I have a SATA HD... I've just bought the notebook and I'm kinda short on money, so I can't afford a new IDE or PATA. Is there any way to install on it? By The Way, the HD is a Western Digital and my motherboard chipset is Intel 940GML Thanks in advance!